Loaded Fries w/ Pulled Venison

I am a massive fan of street food. It can be from anywhere in the world, Indian, Asian, American, it does not matter to me...I will eat it all and I will get messy doing so. A firm favourite in my house is Pulled Pork but given that I cook with wild game meat, I switched pork for venison and the results were better than I anticipated.

Now because venison is a leaner meat, I was concerned that the meat was going to be really dry but you know what.....it wasn’t 't. It was delicious, it was tender, it was everything I could ask for when cooking pulled meat.

Regardless of what meat you use, the key to any type of pulled meat is the sauce, it is all about THE SAUCE!!!!! The trick, I find, when making a marinade yourself is to always taste it as you add the components. Once you get THAT flavour, then it’s time to stop, just walk away and leave it be.

The sauce doesn’t take long at all so here goes:

Loaded Fries w/ Pulled Venison

(serves two)


Topside/Silverside Venison (size differs per on animal, the more people you have, use more meat)

6 large potatoes, skin on, cut into fries

2 litre vegetable/peanut oil

Creme Fraiche

Sriracha Sauce

1 white onion, sliced

4 tbsp tomato ketchup 1 tbsp red wine vinegar 2 tbsp Texas bbq sauce 3 tbsp brown sugar Tbsp soy sauce Tbsp Worcester sauce

Wild Garlic leaves/spring onion, chopped 1/2 tbsp onion powder/granules 1/2 tbsp garlic powder/granules....you could use fresh minced garlic too

Hot Sauce. I used a sauce called 110% PAIN (Flavour it as you see fit, if you don’t like it hot then don’t add it but if you do, add it in small portions and taste.)

If you can, let your meat marinate in the sauce in a freezer bag in the fridge overnight, if not that’s still fine.


Mix marinade ingredients together in a bowl, add your meat and coat throughly.

Transfer the marinade and meat into a large freezer bag and, ideally, regfridgerate overnight.

Slice the white onion and cover the bottom of the slowcooker with the onion slices.

Remove meat/marinade mixture from the fridge and transfer into the slowcooker, coating the onions with the mardinade. Close the lid and cook low and slow for 8 hours.

As the meat is cooking, cut your potatoes into fries and soak them in a large pan, covered in water. This helps remove the starch and will improve the crispiness of your fries.

By the time your meat has cooked, keep it warm in the slowcooker so you can cook your fries.

For my fries, I fried them in vegetable oil for 5-10 mins until crispy. Removed them from the oil and transferred them to a plate with some kitchen roll to absorb the oil.

I then placed them on a baking tray and put them in my oven at 180 c for 15 mins to really crisp them up.

As the fries are cooking, fry an egg in a frying pan but make sure the yolk remains runny.

Shred the meat in your slowcooker and get ready to plate up.

I layered the meat on top of my fries, placed the fried egg on top and added a large blop of creme fraiche, followed by a generous drizzle of Sriracha sauce over everything. Topped off with some chopped spring onions or wild garlic if it’s in season.

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