Crispy Shredded Goose with Chilli Sauce

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

If you could eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? For me, it would have to be Crispy Shredded Beef in chilli sauce from any Chinese takeaway. This is a dish that I have loved since I was a little boy and as much as I have tried other dishes, nothing comes close to that hot, sweet and spicy flavour that coats every slice of meat. To me, it is the best…no questions asked.

With that in mind, I wanted to recreate this dish using some locally source wildfowl and, in this instance, I used a couple of goose breasts. With the wildfowling season starting, this is the perfect time to respect your quarry and make a delicious meal.

What I love about goose meat is that it is like a dirty little secret that only a handful of people know about. In the shooting community, it is heralded as one of the finest meats you can get, however, outside of the shooting community I almost feel that the general public wouldn’t even consider eating goose and I wonder why?

It is a dark, rich red meat that I can only compare to a fillet steak and if you cook it just right, I guarantee you will be craving it even more.

For this recipe, I used the breasts of a pink footed goose, but you can use that of a Canada Goose or a Greylag, the key is not to overcook it.

Whilst the notion of cooking goose meat in this manner may seem unusual, I can assure you the finished dish will put a smile on your face, in fact, I would say this recipe beats my beloved Crispy Shredded Beef any day of the week.

This is a really simple dish that you can make and with a couple of ingredients sourced from your cupboards and fridge, it can also be a relatively inexpensive meal to make, which is even better, so let’s get to it:

Crispy Shredded Goose in Chilli Sauce

(serves two)


2 goose breasts sliced thin 1 red pepper sliced thin 1 piece of ginger (thumb sized) sliced into matchsticks 1 red chilli, sliced 4 spring onions, sliced (white bits only) 2 garlic cloves, crushed 2tbsp Chinese Five Spice 2tbsp sweet chilli sauce 1 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp water 2 tbsp ketchup  4 tbsp Cornflour 100ml vegetable oil Noodles or rice to serve


1: Slice your good breasts as thin as possible and coat them thoroughly with 2 tbsp Chinese Five Spice. Allow them to absorb the seasoning for a couple of minutes then transfer the meat into a freezer bag and coat with 4 tbsp Cornflour (this makes your meat nice and crispy)

2: Now that you have seasoned your goose, it is time to prepare your vegetables. Cut your bell pepper into thin strips and discard the membrane and seeds. When peeling the ginger, I like to use the edge of a teaspoon and scrape the outer layer away. Cut the ginger into thin matchstick size pieces and place to one side. Cut the chilli into small discs and leave the seeds intact for a bit of extra heat. Using only the white part of the spring onion, cut them at a diagonal angle and discard the green segment.

3 For the sauce you want to grab yourself a jugand combine the 1 tbsp soy sauce, 2 tbsp ketchup, 1 tbsp water and 2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce. Give it a good old mix with a spoon and set aside as you will need this later.

4: In a large frying pan or wok, heat 100ml of vegetable oil until it starts to smoke. Gently transfer the goose meat into the pan and quickly fry for a couple of minutes or until crisp. Once cooked, remove the goose meat and transfer to a plate lined with kitchen roll to absorb any oil.

5: Pour out most of the remaining oil, leaving approximately 1 tbsp of oil in the pan and transfer your peppers, garlic, chilli and garlic into the wok.Cook them fast on a high heat and make sure the garlic and ginger doesn’t burn as you really want to keep the dish full of sharp flavours.

6: After two minutes of cooking, transfer the crispy goose meat back to the wok and then pour the chilli sauce on top. Give it a hearty mix, ensuring all of the meat and vegetables are coated.

7: Serve with rice or noodles and if you feel like it,garnish with sliced chilli and spring onion.


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