Bank Holiday Barbecue

Got slightly carried away on the barbecue today and ate like a King.

Smokey BBQ Squirrel

Grilled Deer Heart served with rocket and Wild Garlic Pesto on a stonebaked olive cob.


1 squirrel

1 deer heart, sliced

Olive oil

Smoked paprika

Garlic powder

Onion granules


Texas BBQ sauce

Hoisin Sauce

Light soy sauce

Clear honey

Wild Garlic Pesto,homemade

Handful of rocket

Stonebaked cob roll

All meat supplied by Castle Game - Scotland - Ltd


Place your squirrel in a bowl or dish, cover with oil and sprinkle the smoked paprika and garlic powder. Don’t be shy with your portions.

Mix it all together, coat the squirrel and place in fridge for at least 1 hour to marinate.

Repeat process for the sliced deer heart and place in a separate container. I replaced paprika and garlic with the allspice and onion powder for this. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

For the BBQ sauce, mix the following in a measuring jug:

2 tbsp clear honey

1 tbsp hoisin

2 tbsp Texas bbq sauce

1/2 tbsp soy sauce

You can either grill this outside on the barbecue or your oven grill will do but either way set your grill to medium/high and grill your meat.

The key to a well cooked heart is not to overcook it, if you do it will still be really tasty but slightly chewy. Keep an eye on it and after 3 minutes of grilling, turn them and cook for another 3 minutes.

Remove the heart and keep warm, wrapped in foil.

For the squirrel, as soon as it is on the grill, cover it in your homemade sauce. Let it cook for 5 minutes, turn it and smother the other side with the homemade sauce. Repeat this process for about 15-20 minutes.

If you do opt for the bbq, cook a bit longer so you don’t get food poisoning.

Once everything is cooked, remove the front and hind legs from the squirrel.

Serve your heart on a fresh cob with rocket, Wild Garlic Pesto and get stuck in.

So many flavours, it’s ace


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